Please help with night stands

12 years ago

I am in the process of redecorating my MB. I put this off for years because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. A few months ago DH and I toured one of the SL cottages and fell in love with the bedroom. It is not a typical MB but suits us.

I am doing the project on an extreme budget - setting priorities and making all the bedding, drapery and art myself. I am keeping the furniture except for the night stands which never matched or fit the space anyway. I'm also getting new lamps.

I am stumped on the night stands. There isn't a lot of space to work with. From the door frame/wall to the headboard is 24". I don't want it to look crowded like it does now. And, I don't know what style I should use. Do you think something with straight lines like in the inspiration photo would work with my headboard? I had considered round tables with a cloth to the floor but that's a lot of fabric right next to the bed with all it's fabric trappings. I also played with the idea of a short shelf on each side of the bed. I am open to all budget friendly ideas, including some that are unconventional like garden furniture.

Inspiration Room:


My bedroom. I am painting over the mural and replacing all the bedding:


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