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Please help with Home inspection problems

17 years ago

Hi, All;

This is my first post here, any help of answering my questions is appreaciated.

I'm the first time home buyer, and the house I am going to buy is 35 years old. After inspection, here are the major problems I really worried about, please give your advice:

1. the house may has asbestos siding that need some repair(not major though), the seller refuse to repair it due to the 'minor' feature. But where can I get similar siding patches to repair it?

2.On the 2nd floor(4 bd in total), one bedroom in the middle has certain visuable floor slope, which means one side of the floor is higher than the other side. Is this fixable and how big job it will be?

3. We found carpenter bees, which of course been treated, what else should I pay attention to--insect wise?

Thanks a lot.

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