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What would you do? Weird basement bedroom

9 years ago

Went to see a lake house today. Love the property 10/10. The house is like a 6/10. Two bedrooms up, one in the basement. Basement is high and dry. But there's a problem: here's how you get to the basement bedroom.

At first I was like "Maybe you could redo the stairs, make a landing, go sideways to get to the half floor." But then I saw this:

That's one heck of a joist or beam or whatever.

So is there a way to make access to that room less weird? Or should it just stay weird? It's just a summer home at the end of the day. I could even see about finishing the lower basement to be a den...that might make it less weird.

Here's the tempting part - 300 feet of lakefrontage and a trout pond

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