Need help with furniture placement in family room!! (Pics)

12 years ago

I have been struggling with our family room since we moved almost a year ago. I wish we would have lived here a bit before we bought our furniture instead of buying it beforehand, but I guess there's nothing I can do about that now and I have to find a way to make it work.

I have posted before on here about painting the room. I hate the color I painted it (another impulsive move). I got some great advice and I plan on taking it, but I am waiting until the fall to paint it. Also, once the room is painted, I do plan on making or buying window treatments, which will help a lot.

Meanwhile, I hate the way our furniture sits in the room. Mainly, I hate the corner by the sofa, table and smaller chair. It just seems like everything is jammed in there. I think the end table is too bg and we thiink that maybe smaller round end tables with matching lamps on either end of the couch would look better. We have one wall taken up with a doorwall and large entryway and another taken up with the fireplace, so it limits our options.

Also, we just bought the coffee table yesterday and it seems to be a bit too big/high. My husband siad he could cut the legs a bit, which would drop it about 3" and just leave tha "ball" part. The table was a relatively cheap purchase from Homegoods, so it wouldn't bother me to do that IF it would work.

We also have no idea what to do with the wall the tv is on. It is so blank and boring, but I don't know where to begin with it.

So, my questions are:

1. What do you think of the furniture placement? What would you change? What would you add?

2. What do you think of the table? Should we take it back?

3. What about the blank wall where the tv sits? Any suggestions?

Thanks for looking and for any advice you can offer!

The room:

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  • jen9
    12 years ago

    I am definitely not an expert in decorating & come here to learn .... and I hesitate putting my thoughts in writing to advertise how clueless I am .... but here go my very amateur thoughts:
    - painting above the sofa is hung too high
    - all of the furniture needs to be "pulled in" a bit closer to the rug
    - I would try the chair that is nearest the couch across from the couch & pull them closer in to make a seating area across from the couch (if that makes sense)
    - have you ever tried swapping the tv & couch? Just wondering if directing the attention toward the focal point (fireplace) would work better.
    - personally, i don't care for the coffee table in the room, but I don't know why. I will be interested in what the "experts" have to say -

  • budge1
    12 years ago

    I think you've done a great job choosing furniture for the room. Like you say, new paint colour and window treatments will do alot. I'm guessing you were advised to do a deeper warmer tone on the walls?

    The only thing I'm not crazy about is that coffee table. It is too tall, but that's not the only problem. The style doesn't quite mesh with your other pieces and it is too solid. Think about something more open, even glass. Also the screen in the corner isn't doing anything for me and looks like a hazard for little kids.

    I'm having a hard time getting getting an idea of the real proportions of the room, but I think you could help things alot by pulling the furniture in towards the rug a bit so that everything isn't hugging the wall quite so much.

    Extreme changes you might try are (and hey, it's not going to cost anything to try but sore back muscles)

    Scenario One: Pull the rug a bit closer to the fireplace, turn the sofa so it is facing the fireplace and floating in the middle of the room. Put the TV in the corner whre the smaller chair is on a bit of an angle or possibly where the sofa is now. You could do some sort of shallow shelving on that long wall where the tv is now to store all the toys. If cost is a factor, it doesn't have to be expensive. Some long narrow boxes made of laminated pine, mounted on the the wall, painted out the same colour as the wall with wicker baskets inside to hide the toys would look awesome.

    Oops, kids are awake. Scenario two will have to wait. Back later.

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  • holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas
    12 years ago

    You have a good start going and I like a lot of what you have done. You're right - furniture placement will make a big difference in your liking this room.
    I think the problem is that you have two focal points on opposite sides of the room - the fireplace and the tv. I think the tv needs to be moved closer to the fireplace so you can situate your furniture around a more centralized focal point.
    For instance, if you move the tv to the left of the fireplace (where your chair with the ottoman is now), and move the sofa catty-corner on that wall that now has the tv and the wall it is now (does not have to be a 90degree angle!), place the chair with the ottoman (catty-corner) on the wall with the tv and the entrance. That would give you more room to bring the other chair out away from the fireplace some.
    There are lots of other ways to place your furniture if you don't like the catty-corner thing. I think the main thing is to get the focal points together. And if you don't want the tv in that corner, I think just moving it to the wall where the sofa is now would even help get the focal points closer together.
    Good luck. One last suggestion: get some of those sliders they have now for moving furniture. :)

  • Robbi D.
    12 years ago

    I'm not good with furniture placement either, but I think holleygarden has some good suggestions. I like the idea of moving the TV to the left of the fireplace. Then float the couch in front of the fireplace. Then put the chair and a half and ottoman where the smaller chair is now and if there's room, the smaller chair at a 90 angle between the couch and other chair. Maybe get some sort of buffet to put where the TV is to store the kids toys? I have toys all over my house as well, and I'm always trying to find places to put them, LOL!

    You've got some great pieces to work with. I love the chair and a half. I miss the one I had.

  • dilly_dally
    12 years ago

    "What do you think of the table? Should we take it back?"

    I think it is too "matchy" with the rug. I would get one without a painted design.

    I would get a big round pedestal base table.

    This one there now is too boxy. It does not look like the kids could use it for things like sitting on the floor and putting a puzzle together. Having a pedestal base or even four legs would make it more "user friendly" for little ones.

    The room needs something round. Right now there are a lot of "rectangles" going on with the ottoman, TV stand, painting, rug, even the unscreened FP and folding screen add to the squareness of everything. A round coffee table with some curved legs will soften the feel of the room better and won't look so boxy like a person is holding a wake in the middle of their living room.

  • Happyladi
    12 years ago

    I like the wall color, what don't you like about it? I also agree the picture over the sofa is slightly too high.

  • trancegemini_wa
    12 years ago

    not an expert here but I agree with others, the tv is in the wrong spot and sitting on the couch you need to twist sideways to look at the tv. I'd put the tv on either side of the fireplace and lounge on the tv wall, turn the rug the other direction so it's across the front of the fireplace instead of perpendicular to it and nestle the two chairs in there facing the fireplace. the fireplace is really the focal point of the room so having the furniture towards it just makes more sense and then you can see the tv from all of the seating as well but at the moment the tv is drawing everything away from the fireplace.

  • TxMarti
    12 years ago

    I agree with dilly about taking the coffee table back and getting something round. I like the table, and I like it on the rug, but it competes with the tv console, IMO.

    I like your furniture arrangement, it looks cozy and not at all stuck in the corner. I like the color of your furniture and walls, but not with the color of the brick with the fireplace. Other than painting the fireplace, I can't offer any suggestions though, and if it were my house, that suggestion would not fly with dh.

    Is that a vent on the tv wall? Is the wall divider decoration or concealing something like toys?

    I wonder if you could put a rectangular picture over the tv with larger pictures on each side? Something that brought the eye up and over the tv to draw away from the vent.

  • mrsmarv
    12 years ago

    I think you're off to a good start, and with a little tweaking, you're going to love your room.

    I agree about a round coffee table. I would suggest a round coffee table ottoman. It's functional, great for extra seating, comfy to rest your legs on, and very kid-friendly.

    I think a deeper color on the walls will look better. I would like to see a frame around the art over the sofa (and yes, it's got to come down the wall a bit).

    In a room your size and with high ceilings, everything appears to sit too low to the ground. You need to bring in some additional height, whether that's done with furniture, like a TV armoire or bookshelves, or artwork.

  • deeinohio
    12 years ago

    I agree with the others: you need a coffee table with some curved legs. Now, all of your furniture is either skirted or, in the case of your television stand, goes all the way to the floor. I think that makes your room look "heavy". I think a lovely curved round coffee table would break up that look.

  • yodajo
    Original Author
    12 years ago

    I knew I would get some great ideas from everyone here!

    The coffee table is going back. I knew as soon as we put it in the room there was something wrong. I agree that it looks like its competing with the console and that there are too many boxy things in the room. I LOVE the idea of a round coffee table! I am interested in a round ottoman, but I have two concerns: 1-wouldn't it look odd to have two ottomans in the same room? and 2-I think it would be hard to find an ottoman that would coordinate with the fabrics already in there. Would four different fabrics look odd.

    I think the paint color is ok by itself, but with my furniture, it seems like too much of one color. It was suggested before to use a greenish blue color.

    I am going to invest in some sliders because I think we are going to do some rearranging. My husband, who usually doesn't get involved in decorating things, actually mentioned putting the tv in the corner where others have mentioned.

    I don't like the color of the brick at all, but my husband will not let me paint it and he doesn't want to remove it right now.

    Thanks for all the great suggestions so far! I'd love to hear more!

    The screen just ended up in the room when we moved and doesn't have any function and I'm not overly attached to it. It would actually look better in our office.

    Yes, that is a vent on that wall.

  • postum
    12 years ago

    Hey, it's not bad at all! What color are you planning to paint? In this particular room, I would consider painting the ceiling the same as the walls, maybe just a shade or two lighter. I would consider getting draperies first and then matching the paint to them.

    I would line the two chairs up across from the sofa. For now, place the ottoman so that it works more or less like a coffee table. I would get a large plant to go in that corner that drives you nuts :-)

    Yes, do lower the sofa painting a few inches. Also, another end table (is there one behind the gold chair?) with a lamp on the other side of the sofa would make things look more pulled together.

    I like the TV where it is now, would definitely not move it next to the FP. I think it would be fun to use the TV wall as a gallery for the kid's art. Just buy some cheap frames and spray paint them all the same color - I might go with black (to kind of go with the screen and TV) or a bronze to go with your other accessories.


  • les917
    12 years ago

    I would move the tv to the wall where the couch is now.

    Move the couch opposite, with its back to the sliding door. Consider adding a sofa table behind with a pair of lamps to bring more warm lighting into the room.

    Keep the small chair where it is on the right side of the fireplace, and use the floor lamp next to it.

    Put the chair and a half and ottoman to the right of the couch, the end table and lamp beside it.

    Move the whole arrangement a bit closer to the fireplace, and make sure that the front legs of the couch and the chairs are on the rug.

    I agree that the coffeetable is not the best choice. I would love to see something round, perhaps a wood or slate top, with iron legs so that you don't have so much heavy furniture in the space.

    Down on the end wall where the tv is now, I would think about a game table and chairs in the corner where the screen is, great for snacking or playing games or doing puzzles. I would find a new home for the screen.

    Then a group of bookshelves with some closed storage in the same finish as the tv cabinet to the right along the wall to allow for storage of some of the toys, as well as a place to house books and media.

    Take the clock off the fireplace and use that on the end wall where the game table will be. Use the canvas you have on the fireplace, to bring some of the warmer colors of the room onto the grey fireplace.

    If your DH doesn't want to paint the fireplace, check into staining it. Just giving it a warmer finish would do a lot for the room.

  • kyoto7
    11 years ago

    Corner sofa desks are great selection for space saving, especially if you have small living room.

    Here is a link that might be useful: corner sofas