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Need decorating/cheap fixes for this kitchen

13 years ago

help! I'm about to inherit this 1965 kitchen. I actually like the cabinets, but they are dark, and eventually we will probably gut it because it's not big enough for our needs. Any thoughts on cheap DIY fixes we can make in the meantime?

I will start off with a new fridge since the existing one is original and smells HORRIBLE--I can't imagine putting any food in it! Probably stainless steel.

Other thoughts I've had include painting the cabs a creamy color and then putting down updated-looking vinyl tiles over the existing well-worn vinyl. Thoughts on colors or other ideas? Also what should I do with the brick? It's not real brick, but this weird stuff that seems to have real mortar but it's just painted on. Really weird, and seems like it took a lot of work to make something so ugly! haha!

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