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berlingirl_gw midst of Kitchen Remodel - Cabinets Not to ceiling

11 years ago

Hoping for some guidance as I am in the midst of a kitchen/bath remodel. I have 8 foot ceilings and wanted my cabinets snug to the ceiling. These were hung Friday, one is an inch down, another is 1/2 inch down. The Pantry and fridge cabinets are 1/4 inch down, however the cabinet adjacent to the fridge is 1/2 inch down. The last cabinets are 1/4 inch down. I am fine with 1/4 inch down. Guess because of the height of the pantry cabinet it would dictate the height of the others. Don't know a thing about hanging cabinets, but want to know if it is reasonable to ask the contractor to rehang the ones that aren't 1/4 from the ceiling? I did not want molding and don't have room for molding, although on the side of the fridge cabinet I obvious gaps and will need some there. Any recommendations here please? I did order molding with the cabinets. Should they go up? Should they go down? I am bothered by the differences and the shadows,

Thank you!

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