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what R insulation to use in a basement ceiling

10 years ago

we live in the Ct/Mass/Ny border so winters are cold.
I deduced that the insulation to the basement ceiling is the reason why the above room is always cold. I have had the HVAC people look at the vents and blower to this room.
As we surveyed the basement ceiling I could see substrate, missing insulation and areas where the insulation has a huge gap between it and the substrate.
The insulation gentleman says that I need to replace the R11 with at least an R 19.
Would it be better to do a R 25/30 or just install the R 19 product. This part of the basement has no heat, three walls of concrete and two small basement windows..
The present insulation does not sit flush with the substrate. When I walk in socks on the above room which has a wood floor the floor is cold.
So Do I install a higher R factor or go with the R 19
The installer says it will cost a dollar a sq foot to increase the R factor. I am looking at 1100 sq ft .
R 19 would cost 2800 so an R 25/30 would cost 3900
Thank you in advance

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