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Repairing pigmented laquer gloss paint on cabinets?

18 years ago


Would be grateful for any input you have on this.

We have white kitchen cabinets that are painted with a pigmented laquer gloss. Over the years there are a few minor nicks that need to be repaired.

My husband claims that this paint needs to be sprayed on, not brushed on or the color will look wrong, and that these small nicks are too minor to spray the entire cupboard door.

Now, I love my husband but he is not prone to volunteer for home repair. So, can the paint be brushed on with a fine brush and look OK? If so I can do this myself.

Otherwise is there something else that can be done to cover up these minor blemishes?

The paint that was used is Campbell's Magnalac Precatalyzed pigmented laquer gloss.

Thanks for your help.

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