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contractor says bathroom remodel not in contract. How much $$

14 years ago

My contractor claims that the guest bathroom is not budgeted for in my contract. I always assumed it was in there.

I have already picked out sink,toilet,faucets for shower and sink. This is all included in my plumbing budget...(I have not gone over budget even including the guest Bath.)

But apparently the demo guy told me today that in order to take out the hideous tile in the shower and all over the bathroom would be a major demo. I would need a new shower,showerpan,etc.

How much would that cost? I am redoing it retro so white inexpensive tile is fine. Maybe beadbord.

How much would this be if I already have a sink,toilet,faucets. (need cabinet and granite countertop)

I am in the Florida /georgia area.

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