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Built in book cases versus book cases from Crate and barrel or ?

9 years ago

I saw another post here asking about builtins for a dining room and realized I was missing a chance to get input from you guys regarding our living room. We need shelves/cabinets for home theatre equipment on one side of a window and shelves/cabinets for books (lots of them) on other side of the window. Window doesn't have enough room beneath to have a window seat. It is quite large and goes almost to the floor.
Our ceilings are standard 8 ft. See wall with "bks" on east wall of living room:

Our options are

  1. built ins bookshelves that will probably be some kind of a hack of Ikea book cases (probably white?) where they will be modified to be deep enough to handle the audio visual equipment. Something like this below:

  2. off the shelf book cases, we saw some at Crate and barrel that we like that wouldn't provide the same amount of room as builtins but also like that they might not dominate the room so much? There is a matching set - one 82 inches height, 54 inches wide and there is a matching media storage for other side of our window - 30 inches or so in height and deeper for media equipment - see below:

  3. no book cases, but a buffet type piece of furniture on each side of the window with floating shelves above where needed.

  4. other?

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