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6 rooms all open to each other-how do I decorate them all?!!HELP!

13 years ago

We just moved into a VERY different house for us - I am having a really difficult time figuring out what to do. There are 6 rooms ALL open to each other - foyer, dining room, family room, kitchen, sun room, eating area. Oh, and the Master Bedroom is within view as well. Every wall is beige - I would love to be able to have continuity in the rooms, but also some different colors. Plus there are not really easy starting and stopping areas for paint changes. All of the upholstered pieces need to be re-covered which is a good thing and a bad thing - exciting cause I have endless possibilities but costly and I am overwhelmed by WHAT to choose. We have an incredible view of a farm with horses and a pond and geese, so I feel like THOSE are my color scheme (Blue, green, brown, tan, gray), since we have 10 windows that face that view all in this same room.

For starters, I want built ins or cabinets on either side of the stone fireplace (left side will house the tv & components). Should they be same as the trim color if built ins? but if wood cabinets/bookcases, same as mantel?

We placed the grand piano (an inherited 6' Steinway) in the "eating area" - there just does not seem to be any other area to put it so that it isn't just "sticking out"!! And then we put a small table sort of in the sunroom area for my DH and I to use for eating.

I need to add another chair to the sunroom area for conversation but I just keep getting overwhelmed when I think of it all - one idea/thought leads to a squillion more!!

Where do I start? I will post pictures tomorrow...

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