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Advice on possible layout - long narrow space

12 years ago

We have a 1940's CA bungalow. Attached is the current layout. The plan is to move the dining room into the large living room - there's room for a big dining table AND a smaller seating area in the living room. We have a very big family room (length of the current dining room, kitchen and breakfast nook), and when we entertain everyone ends up in this room - even with the eliptical trainer and kids toys at the dining room end of the family room. We want to expand the kitchen into the dining room. We would like to add a 3rd bedroom on the end of the kitchen when the breakfast nook/laundry room/2nd bathroom is, and reconfigure these areas to have the bedroom, half bathroom, laundry area and entrance from the driveway. The 3rd bedroom would get the desk/filing cabinet out of our bedroom and we would move the eliptical in there.

My main priorities with this renovation is to increase space. The current kitchen is tight. You can't open the fridge and and the dishwasher at the same time. I want counter space. I want to be able to cook with my 5 year old without having to move the step stool he is standing on to get something I need. I do cook a lot, and I'm hoping to have either double ovens or an oven and an advantium oven that can double as oven and microwave - I'm open to either range or cooktop and wall ovens. I would like to have an island or a peninsula - some seating would be nice, but with the dining room right there, we don't need to have a complete kitchen table. I don't think a narrow island would work for me as a prep space, as I like to spread out when I cook, but there might not be space for a wide island. I can't spread out now, and I'm always knocking something off the counter to the floor.

We have thought about opening up the wall from the current dining room into the current living room as an arched opening as this will now be the dining area. The window in the current dining room is 27" off the ground and looks out to the garden with camellias and roses - DH thinks we might need to make the window higher off the ground. We've also thought about losing the wall from the current dining room into the family room, and maybe keeping most of the wall from the current kitchen to the family room - this wall has our TV/entertainment center, but we could swap that to the other wall and move our sectional to face that other way. I don't want to have a big open space though. And yes, we still need to find out what walls are load bearing.

We're still in the early stages of talking about what we want. DH's uncle is an architect and we need to have him visit to talk about the space and about adding on the 3rd bedroom. For the moment, I would like some suggestions about possible layouts for a kitchen that would incorporate the current kitchen and dining area. I don't want anyone to spend too much time though, as we don't have a final floor plan figured out, and a lot could change. I would just like to be able to visualize how to set things up a little more than I can now.



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