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Is my island workable or too big for kitchen scale?

13 years ago

Thank you to all for the inspiration I've gotten lurking here over the past few weeks! I'm still figuring out the acronyms but I know for sure I am TKO!

I'm looking for feedback on my layout. I've become attached to the island/seating combo idea for my 11x19 kitchen. This is about the 4th iteration! I've got 36-38" around, but the one area at the "back" concerns me. It would likely be the prep area for the one cook (me!) and I currently work around more confined space now with my 36x60" kitchen table/chairs (albeit moveable confinement). But is the scale too big for my kitchen, and will I regret the tight confines at the back?

Thanks for any and all feedback, I learn from everyone's ideas.


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