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Looking for Feedback on Temporary Floor and Kitchen Refresh (LONG

10 years ago

Hello GWers!

I discovered this amazing forum about a year ago and now know this is THE place to seek worthwhile feedback. So thanks in advance for taking the time to "listen" and respond.

Hubs and I bought our "forever" home last May where we plan to raise our three kids (7, 6, and 4). It was built in 1998 by Ryan Homes and is, for the Northern Virginia area in which we live, a cookie-cutter builder grade home. We live in a very nice neighborhood and our 4000 sq. ft home is the smallest model available. Still, the original owners opted for basic orange oak cabinets, forest green formica countertops and sheet vinyl flooring in the kitchen. The rest of the main floor is covered in the original carpet with the exception of the foyer that has hardwood. We bought the home as a short sale and it was a rental in the 6 years previous. Cheap finishes and tenants have left their mark and the carpet is matted down and stained and the sheet vinyl is stained and torn in several places.

Since this is our "forever" home, I want to put in my dream kitchen which will likely involve a full kitchen reno including layout changes and all new hardwood on the main floor (approx. 1400 sq. ft). We guesstimate it will take us 5 years from now to save enough. In the meantime, I can't look at all the ugly for 5 years.

My original plan was to live with the flooring and spend $1000 and paint the cabinets and countertops, add hardware, put up a beadboard wallpaper backsplash, replace the faucet and sink (irreparable), and add an island with seating in the breakfast area. The sink and faucet have already been done out of necessity and we bought a matching base cabinet for $50 off CL and IKEA butcherblock for the island. After living here for a year, we realize the carpet and sheet vinyl surviving another 5 years is not plausible. But from what I've read around here, the floor should be the last thing installed in a kitchen renovation...not to mention the layout will change. So now I need to think about temporary flooring on a grand scale. Vinyl planks came to mind, but even at $2/sq.ft my "refresh" is now looking like $4000....quite a chunk of change. And now I feel like a crazy person. Am I??

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