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The painter did not use primer!!! Should I be worried?

13 years ago

We are having our new house painted and the painter did not use primer on the walls. He only primed the doors and moldings since they were going to be painted white.(they were a brown color). He said when you are painting a color onto a color you do not need primer and that 2 coats of paint will cover it.

I am concerned about this and wonder if I should now ask for 3 coats of color since he did not use primer. One room was a lavender color and we are painting light green, another room was a shade of blue and we are painting pink and another rrom was a shade of green and we are painting beige.

Should I request a 3rd coat even if it appears as if 2 coats covered the color? I feel like the true color of the new paint will not be accurate since the walls were not primed first


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