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Front Door advice??

15 years ago

I need to pick a handleset lock for my new front door. The door has nine panels of glass and then solid the last 2 ft. Most of the lock sets have a key for outside and on the inside it is a twist to unlock. It seems someone could just break the glass panel and reach in and twist the lock to open the door. I don't have an alarm system and don't live in a high crime area. What did you do? The lock stores say it is dangerous to have a key lock on both sides because if fire you would have to find a key. But I thought most home invasions at the front door a crowbar was used. I want to feel safe, especially when out of town. The lock stores said that a key on both sides is a special order item as they don't stock those regularly. What brand did you buy? Can I see your front door lock set?

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