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Picture frame ledges - height

12 years ago

I've been talking about doing this for a long time now and finally followed through. I normally hang my art eye level and use the 60" from floor as a guide. For some reason, I changed my mind about the height of the shelves at the last minute and now am kicking myself.

I know not everyone is going to like the idea of photos or layout in general and that's ok but I've already decided this is what I want to do with our hallway. I like photos and this will help me keep things in check. My question is about the height and how much lower you think the shelves should go.

My ceilings are 8'. The bottom of the middle shelf is 60" from the floor and the middle of those photos are roughly 67" from the floor. The bottom of the two shelves on the ends are about 67" from the floor and the middle of the photos is roughly 6' (72")!

I was originally really focused on not making the shelves 'too low' since it's a hallway and not a wide open space. I guess I was thinking there'd be more concern for people bumping into them or something. At first I thought just the two ends need to come down a few inches and now I'm thinking the entire thing should be lowered. Each shelf has three hangers on the back and I used those big honkin metal wall screw anchors (that came with it). I hate putting holes in the walls but I really think it needs adjusted.

Geez, I almost wish I wouldn't have looked at these photos because it looks even worse to my eye than IRL!

No, I still didn't get around to repainting the walls a better color. I'd like to finally get that done this year too!





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