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timeline if keeping footprint?

15 years ago

Hello everyone--

New here, have spent the last few days browsing all 67 (phew!) pages of posts, and bookmarked about a zillion! I am in the process of buying an 1873 home and I know that the kitchen needs work. I'll live in it a few months before I make any final decisions, but I have a pretty good idea what I want, helped a great deal with what I have found out here...

I have read quite a few posts about remodels taking many months, even a year or more, but I wonder, if I am keeping the basic footprint, how long am I looking at? We have a u-shape, with sink at bottom of U overlooking garden; cooktop and double oven on left side of U; fridge on right wall, but out of the U on other side of doorway to dining room.

--all new appliances, new countertop and cabinets, new sink

--Sink and DW locations will stay where they are now, double ovens will stay in current position

--we are keeping the existing floor

--we will probably shift the cooktop over about 6" for more counterspace to the left

--biggest change: bringing the fridge into the U on the end of the right wall BEFORE doorway to DR

--where fridge is now, we would like to build a "snack station" for the kids, with a fridge drawer, a freezer drawer, a microwave, appliance garage with toaster over, and room for storing their micro snacks like popcorn, paper plates, etc.

--we would also like a have a smallish portable island built, half butcher block and half marble---U is not wide enough for a permanant island without blocking access to triangle.

I don't think there is any way DH and I would feel secure about doing this ourselves, so we will be getting help (first stop, CKD).

At any rate, once everything is chosen and ordered and delivered, about how long from demo to when new appliances, cabinets, and counters are in? (the other stuff is gravy--just approximately how long am I without a working kitchen?)

Sorry so long--I am definitely Kitchen Obsessed and I haven't even moved in yet! :-)

Thank you all so much for your assistance?

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