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Two Story Great Room Painting and Trim/Molding Questions

12 years ago

Hi Everyone

I'm migrating over from kitchens because we're moving on to the non-kitchen decisions for our new home build :) The home will be a formal french manor style home with a comfortable twist. Every room has a chandelier, many of them crystal, just to give you an idea of my style :)

We are meeting with the painter on Tuesday of next week and having our trim meeting on Tuesday of next week and I am very overwhelmed. So, I hope no one minds I'm going to start a few threads for help.

My first question is about my two story great room pictured here:

There will be book cases running the entire wall that the fireplace is on.

So, first question. This great room is sort of open to the hall and to the foyer. Within the hall and foyer, I plan to do a variation of this trim below with chair rail and picture frame molding.

I would like to sort of continue the idea of the trim along the back wall and the window wall of this great room. Would you do only the carved chair rail and picture frame moldings along the bottom of that back wall, foregoing the top ones or would you do two stories of panel molding, in sort of a variation on this:

I love the look of the two story molding but my concern is I will have no walls on which to hang larger art pieces.

Second question: how would you paint (and does that answer change depending on whether you do the picture frame molding going all the way up two stories or not? I am open to doing one color, or faux finishes, or doing one color and then doing a different color for the niches or doing a different color for inside of the shadowbox/picture frame molding.

Thanks in advance for all your help :)

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