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X-post: cost of refacing fireplace

tina kauh
8 years ago

(this is a x-post from the fireplace forum) our family room has a cathedral ceiling (probably 25 feet high) with a wood burning fireplace. currently, the FP has a small surround in beige marble with two stories of plain drywall above it. we'd like to reface it so that the entire fireplace from floor to ceiling is covered in stone veneer. I'm guessing the width of the fireplace is about 6 feet.

can anyone give me a really rough estimate for how much that would cost? assume mid-grade stone. I realize that it will vary quite a bit based on materials and exact measurements, but we're trying to prioritize several projects that we want to do around the house and are wondering if this kind of project is a $5K project or closer to a $20K project. (clearly, we're clueless.) in case in matters, we're in the suburbs of philly. thanks!

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