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Request further thoughts on kitchen plan

10 years ago

Hi all!

Last summer, I received some FANTASTIC help with our kitchen layout. We've finally received design approval from our county, so the exterior of our house is pretty set.

Now I'm back to the details of the kitchen layout. Based on the feedback from last summer, I have a clearer idea of where I want to go, but would love to get some more feedback -- especially on some of the ideas that were brought up before.

Here's my post from before:

Here's the design that was approved for the floor of our house with the kitchen. The exterior (windows, doors, etc.) of the house cannot change, but what's inside is flexible. What's currently drawn in the kitchen is my architect's quick sketch based on buehl's final suggestion (note that some of his measurements are off).

So, I'd like to work off buehl's plan posted below.

What I really like:

- the 48" range and fridge, the warming drawer, the microwave drawer, the large main sink and the prep sink, appliance garage

What I'm unsure about:

- the corner pantry. I thought I really wanted one, but the idea of talls on a wall is more and more appealing. It had been suggested to get rid of the corner pantry, move the range to the bottom wall, putting in a wall of talls where the range currently is. What do you think of that?

- if we kept the range where it is, I like the idea of doing a 27" warming drawer and moving it adjacent to the range.

Any thoughts (new or in response to the corner pantry) would be great.

Some info on our kitchen use style:

Our cooking style. We like trying new things, but tend to do a lot of stove-top cooking and baking (entrees, not desserts).

Appliances we use regularly:

- We use the slow cooker about 1x/week, and use the microwave to melt butter, reheat food, heat my heating pads...probably at least 1x/day.

- We also have coffee or make cappuccinos daily.

- Use our toaster oven about 4x/week (for toast or a small batch of nachos, garlic bread).

- We make rice in the rice cooker about 1x/week.

- Have a SodaStream and use that about 3x/week.

- Use our KitchenAid mixer about 1x/month.

On the deck outside of the kitchen, we plan to have a BBQ grill and a small patio table set.

Thanks in advance for all your help! I don't know where I'd be without this forum!!!!

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