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Layers of wallpaper - add another layer, or strip?

15 years ago

How would you handle this scenario:

We are closing up on a large renovation in our home and are preparing for our new floors to be laid, including carpet in our Family Room (FR).

Our FR used to be used as a dining nook and a FR, and now we will use the whole thing as FR. The walls are one color on the old DR side and another color on the old FR side. We also have two doorways that were closed off. So, before we have our lovely new carpet laid, I I need to address the walls.

They are part plaster and lathe, part drywall (from previous owners) There are 2 layers of wallpaper on the walls. I have determined that the easiest way to deal with the walls is to hang paintable textured wallpaper, perhaps in a plaster pattern, and paint it.

Should I strip the two layers off first, or just go ahead and put another layer on? I am planning on this being my last layer of wallpaper for the rest of our time in this home, as if I change my mind again on decor, I'd like it to just mean another layer of paint.

I am thinking that the two layers of wallpaper that is there currently just might be holding the plaster together, so why create a big mess by pulling it off (along with hunks of plaster possibly.) Does this sound reasonable?

One concern I have is seams from the previous layers of wallpaper showing through this next layer, but, I am hoping the textured surface of the new wallpaper would hide this.

As I said, I would be using a texture that resembles plaster hoping to keep to our "farmhouse" style somewhat.

What do you all think?

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