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Installing flush reducer w/end-matched t&g?!

15 years ago

(this is a cross post from flooring--I'm that desperate--I don't usually do this at all but like I said...)

We're so confused...if anyone can help, please do so...

We've got a flush reducer for a doorway into a room we're doing t&g strandwoven bamboo in. The bamboo will run out straight from the door, so the ends of the planks will be going into the reducer.

SO. All the boards are 6' long, and there's a groove on one end and a tongue on the other.

BUT: what happens with the flat cut ends when we make staggered lengths? Suppose we have a piece we've cut to be 4' long coming out from the reducer, with the tongue end in the reducer groove. What happens to the flat end on the other end? Do we have to dado a groove into it to fit the next piece into it? We certainly can't butt joint it...

UGH--my head's exploding--there's got to be an easy way but I'm missing it...please help us out of our misery...we've already wasted a day's stapler rental...

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