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Remodel and Reimbursement Nightmare Please Help!

10 years ago

Hello everyone! I need some help. I am currently in the middle of a major remodel (Kitchen, Bathrooms, Living Room). I signed a lump sum contract with my contractor. I have never done any of this before so I really was naive about what to expect. I thought it was going to be an HGTV experience and I would be on my way. After telling the contractor my expectations, I signed the contract. When it came time to picking out materials in his "showroom", I realized that all of the materials he was using were cheap, outdated and outrageously overpriced. I am 25 years old and I am a little on the contemporary/modern side of style. I decided that I would pick out my own materials and the contractor agreed to reimburse me. I saved a ton of money and got nicer things compared to what he was going to give me. After receiving a budget list from the contractor and buying my items, I sent him a list of the money I should be getting back. My allowed budget for tile was $4.00 a square foot. I paid $3.75 a square foot with a sales tax rate of .0725% and 5% loss tile. I also bought my granite slabs and the granite supplier added some scrap loss to my order. My contractor is refusing to pay for any scrap loss material floor or granite and he is also refusing to pay for sales tax on the tile. I am completely frustrated because this man also tried saying that our bathroom fixtures were not provided after he had told and sent me an email with the allowance saying that they were provided. I am assuming that in North Carolina he would pay a sales tax just as I did and his employees have said loss tile is definitely needed which I already know. Should I be getting reimbursed for the amounts I paid (sales tax and scrap loss material included), or is there something I don't know?

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