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Noise-reducing windows?

11 years ago

Hello everyone,

We've recently moved into a house that backs to a fairly busy road. I definitely underestimated how much the noise would bother me even when inside with all the windows closed. It seems, though, like our windows let in an unusual amount of noise (when the yard guys were here the other day, I went around looking for the open window because it was so loud in the house -- turned out they were all closed).

A former neighbor once mentioned that her new windows seemed to make the house a lot quieter. Has anyone had any experience with this? Are some brands better than others?

Lastly, a google search led me to companies that install a second window inside the existing window (this would be easy to do in our 11-year-old house that doesn't have lovely old trimmed-out windows). I can't imagine that this looks good, though. Has anyone seen these in person? Maybe with window treatments in place they are not so noticeable?

Thanks in advance!


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