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I'm so excited!

9 years ago

I am shopping for new countertops for my 30 year old kitchen. I really don't mind the formica I have except the edges, and now it is getting all warped around the sink. Yesterday I went to a Corian fabricator, (really nice Scottish couple) and I fell in love with the feel and choices of Corian. After I got home though I started thinking it looked dated and might hurt resale and in the lighter colors I wanted it look sort of transluscent.
Today I looked at quartz. I liked some that looked like marble but it was terribly expensive because I have to buy two slabs. They were nice enough (when I asked) to say I could use the leftovers in my bathrooms, for ONLY $32 a square foot for manufacturing. I also looked at honed black granite - the closest thing to soapstone that I could afford. Both of these were more than the Corian.
THEN.... I found a place that has Soapstone (not many here in TX) and the owner who has seen me in there several times without buying anything, offered to sell me the soapstone for $40 a foot. This means I could get my kitchen including tear out, sink and edges, etc. for barely over $3000. That is less than half the price of anywhere I have looked. I was trying to look all nonchalant about it but then another woman came in an was seriously considering the same stone as me. Dang!
So half of me is eager to jump on this chance to have the soapstone I always wanted, and yet I am starting to panic that it is going to make my kitchen too dark. I will def. Now I will need some serious help on picking out a backsplash. All I can think of is white subway tile.

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