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Hot tub-positive or negative when selling?

15 years ago

Hi to all-so here is an interesting question. I will be listing my house in the next three-six months and have a top of the line 5 person hot tub that is two years old out back. It's on my paver patio and is very nice-waterfall, lounge chair, lights, etc. I am wondering if I should try to sell it now on Craigs list or if you think it would be a selling feature of the house? I spent 7k on it, but can't honestly expect it to add that to the value of the house, can I? I might be able to get 5k for it on Craigs list...Should I sell it or keep it???? Would it be appealing to you if the house had a hot tub or a negative? PS, I live in Columbus, Ohio in case the weather is a factor to consider.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


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