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What should be included in contract for roofing/siding?

16 years ago

DH and I have been ready to contract someone to replace the exterior of our house for a long time. Our challenge - being unable to find a contractor who can provide us with a contract that specify all the things to be performed as part of the job. All the contracts we have received so far look different except one thing - none of them is clear and thorough enough. When being asked to provide an itemized contract/bid, some contractors simply asked us to come up with the version we are comfortable. The problem is - we are not the expert and are unsure what are to be included (though we do know when receiving a contract that is unclear or incomplete). Would greatly appreciate any insight or suggestions on what "must be" included in a contract for roof/siding/soffit/facia/gutter as well as any resources (books, websites, etc.) that are informative and helpful.

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