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Good Find? Singer Sewing Machine 247

10 years ago

My bf was out yesterday and happened upon a yard sale. There was this Singer Sewing Machine Model 247 there an he asked the lady how much she wanted for it....she said she had been asking 20.00 but what would he give for it...he said 10.00.... she said ok.

The needle was broken so he changed that, then tried to sew. It wouldn't pick up the bobbin thread, so he figured out how to make that work, then it skipped stitches when sewing so he looked up how to get it back in time and he fixed that and NOW IT SEWS!!!

Not sure how I will like it, but I got an older model for 10.00 bucks and I don't think that is something to shake a stick at and I am very impressed that he was able to get it sewing again!

I found a pic on ebay of what it looks like, mine is in really good condition, it doesn't have any nicks or missing paint and it came with a hard case. BUT the case is cracked but that's ok too, once I get it put in my table we picked up for a dollar I won't need the case anyway!

:) Aqua

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