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Smith & Noble - Never again

13 years ago

Sorry for the rant but I just wanted to share my oh-so-frustrating experience with Smith & Noble. I have purchased some things from them in the past (a few years ago) but their service has declined to the point that I will never buy from them again.

Back in April I ordered woven wood shades for the LR. The website said

they were going to be ready to ship 5/12. So I'm waiting and waiting.

5/12 comes and goes and no e-mail saying they've shipped. I call and

someone says they shipped but it takes a couple of days for the system

to catch up. OK. So a few more days go by and it still says they

haven't shipped, so I call again. They say "We are having some issues

with the factory - it's going to be at least another 4 weeks before

they ship. You can wait or cancel the order." Since I wanted them for before a party I was having, I was irritated and said I wanted to

cancel. They say OK. Then they call back a few days later. Do you

still want to cancel? It should only be 3 weeks. Yes. OK.

A week goes by and my money is not back in my account. I call again. What's going on? Oh - the factory has them ready. Well, I don't want them. I

canceled the order. Oh, well we didn't notify the factory and now they

are done. Sorry - I don't want them. We'll see what we can do. I hear

nothing. I call back . This time the girl is very apologetic and says

I can't believe this has happened to you. You should have been

credited the money and I'm going to request it today. When the shades

come, you can donate them or whatever. When can I expect my money? It

usually takes a couple of days but if it's not there, call back. A

week goes by. No money. They do send an e-mail with a tracking number

which indicates that they didn't go out when they said they did. I

call again today. Well, they have been shipped. They are in customs (made in China - fabulous). I want my money back. Well you will have to wait until the shades come and you refuse delivery and then when we get them back we will credit you. NO, NO. I want my money NOW . And am I supposed to sit here and wait for UPS so I can refuse them? Hold on, let me speak to my supervisor. OK, after speaking with my supervisor I am requesting the money go back into your account. What? Wasn't that done before? NO. So I'm requesting it go back to your account and then leave a note for UPS. You'll get a courtesy call when I get the authorization. So I'm holding my breath.

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