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15 years ago

We are having a new room extension put onto our house. My understanding is that the Federal Gov't now recommends that a crawlspace should be built like a small basement. The Dept. of Energy says that many building professionals now recognize that building an unventilated crawl space is the best option in homes using proper moisture control and exterior drainage techniques (what does this mean please?). Please look at the Gov't site:

This means that there will not be any venting. However, there will be an entrance into the crawlspace through our basement (one of the windows in the basement). The Gov't recommends that the interior walls of the crawlspace should be insulated all around the perimeter.

The gov't also talks about radon and the need for a dirt floor poly covering - but our floor will be 2 inch concrete as required by code. Will that stop any radon?

My GC laughs at me and wants to do the crawlspace the old way with vents. and much less insulation. Please tell me what you think.

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