mohair velvet: durability? kids?

13 years ago

I found a great chair at our local Habitat Restore last week, and am starting to think about having it reupholstered. I'd like to do something simple, neutral, and timeless, and figure I'll add color with a pillow if I get bored.

I have two energetic little boys, plus DH, who abuses furniture. So durability is an issue.

Everything I've read would point to chocolate leather as the most durable option. I assume this would cost a ton. The furniture forum folks also like a fabric called Crypton (ever heard of it?). But, inspired by organic_smallhome's recent search, I also found the mohair velvet below. Evidently mohair velvet used to be used for theater seating, so I assume it's pretty durable? is it easy to clean? Would I be making myself crazy? I love the idea of velvet on this chair: but I am not willing to commit to professional cleaning, or to constantly chasing the children away. I've got to be able to clean it myself.

The chair has sort of MCM lines, and will look even more streamlined when it's reupholstered, as I'm taking off its current skirt and might change out the legs. (I'll try to post pics...)

Thanks in advance for your insight...

Here is a link that might be useful: and is this gold or a light brown, do you think?

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