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Just had to share

12 years ago

Although I am sporadic in posting, I just wanted to share with fellow quilters who would understand - the end is in sight for finishing the two wedding quilt tops that I thought would be finished back in Sept.! I don't know why I get so bogged down on certain projects, but I remember the same thing happened to me last year at this time also (and that was a wedding quilt too!Hmmm)

Both of these are from my stash, and both require a large amount of yardage of one fabric. I had a pattern that I was following, but as usual, I changed it, so I did not have an exact idea of the yardage needed. As I was cutting out the pieces, I found that I would be short on the primary fabric for both tops, so I adjusted and added a same tone fabric with 'sparkle' for each. Then 800+ blocks were 1/2" too long when I went to assemble the blocks. (About pulled my hair out as I thought of frog stitching and re-stitching all those blocks.) After going over the pattern, found that the instructions did show trimming these 1/4" on each end. Then, on the last 8 blocks, I ran out of my sparkle fabric. DD #2 needed a bear hoodie made for 10/31, (she and her friend were Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo) so I set everything aside and went to get fabric suitable for a bear hoodie - and to my great delight and astonishment I FOUND the exact fabric that I had run out of with 1 yd on the bolt! (DD #2 was a little embarrassed as I was thanking God in the store!) So after finishing bear hoodies the morning they were needed (Why do I make things w/o a pattern?) I returned to the wedding quilt tops. I actually had to re-sew 2 pieces on those last 8 blocks that I originally sewed backwards, (again, why do I make things w/o a pattern??) but I finally finished those last 8 blocks. And now, only 2 months later than I thought, I 8 strips of blocks left to sew on and the tops will be done! (Did I mention that somewhere in mid-October, one of my main contrast fabrics, that I was going to use as a binding since there was enough yardage, disappeared. I still can not find it anywhere.) Normally, I don't share until the quilt is finished, but these two have been such slogging through mud for me, I had to share as I approach at least having the tops done! My family and friends do not sew or quilt so they just kind of get this quizzical look on their face if I share what I am sewing on, so I don't bore them. But I knew fellow quilters would understand!


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