X-posted: wood floor next to vinyl plank in laundry/craft rooms?

7 years ago

We are at the floor selection stage. We'd like to do 1/2" engineered wood (5" distressed, rustic hickory) flooring in the entry, formal living room, hall, kitchen, and breakfast nook. I am not sure what to do with the following two rooms. The laundry room is also the mud room, and we walk from there to the hallway and kitchen. I am hesitant to use wood there because it is not only expensive, but its a utility room and there will be dirty shoes, ect. plus the washer/dryer. I was thinking of doing a similar wood look in a waterproof vinyl plank, but it would butt up to the actual wood floor.

The other room is harder because it is an office with french doors right off the entry/formal living room. We also want to use this room as a craft room in addition to an office. The kids and I do a lot of crafts, painting, beads, glue, ect., and I don't want to be terrified of hurting/staining the floor if it's wood. I was wondering if it would be okay to do the same idea as the laundry--use a close match vinyl plank in that room. The other option would be to still do wood and maybe do a rug of carpet squares over the floor that can be changed out if something spills on it.

The wood we are choosing is very textured and distressed, with lots of chatter and wood grain, plus the store owner said it is very hard and durable, so I am not worried about the floor in other areas, even with kids and a cat.

We live in Florida on two acres. We do have tile in the bathrooms but other than that I am not a fan of tile.

Would the wood-like vinyl plank look okay in these rooms, or should we do wood in these two rooms as well, or something else entirely?

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