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Will Aberdeen Cambria Countertop look good with white cabinets?

9 years ago


We moved in to our home 2 years ago and I have been checking this forum to validate my design ideas, and all of the posts have been very helpful.
We are now doing a renovation in our kitchen and initially, I wanted bamboo kitchen cabinets but DH said we need to keep cost down and less customized. We agreed on white kitchen cabinets with frosted glass doors for the hanging cabinets since the kitchen is fairly small and would like to make it look bigger and brighter.
We are using cherry wood for the island to match the color of the dining furnitures.
I am set to using Cambria for the countertops but torn between making it look really clean with Windmere Design or going bold and different to add color and drama with Aberdeen. If Aberdeen is not the right design, can you please suggest how can I achieve the bold and dramatic effect with my countertop?

I took fancy of Vertazzo, the green countertop but was shot down by DH since we live in Hawaii, it was not as cost effective as Cambria or granite.

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