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Treatment for pine stair treads

10 years ago


I'm trying to refinish the wood stair treads in my house. They're just junky ones (probably the construction-grade ones that were installed 25 years ago under carpet) but I think they will look ok with a carpet runner. The problem I'm having is that every treatment I attempt to use on the stairs is causing the wood to go about 4 shades darker and very orange. I tried clear, oil-based urethane, a very light colored stain plus poly, and clear, water-based polycrylic. All three ended up the same dark orange color. Lame!

I want the treads to be a nice light color because the floor is hickory and is a light color with no orange in it (see picture). In the pictures, the top stair is clear oil-based, the middle stair is light stain, bottom stair is clear water-based.

Does anyone know of a way to keep the beautiful light color that the natural wood has?

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