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Hybrid Carpet/Hardwood Stairs

12 years ago

I'm on decision overload and need some help.

I am remodeling my first floors (kitchen, bath, windows, floors, etc) and part of it is putting in new walnut wide plank random width floors. My front staircase is a "birdcage" style and not particulary interesting but it is central since the house is a center hall colonial.

We will be adding some molding to the staircase and putting in new king newel posts, balusters (white), banisters (walnut). I thought about changing the stair carpet to hardwoods but my husband liked the carpet and I wondered about noise levels with my kids thumping up and down. And then there is the cost, we were already over our plan so I decided to postpone on the stair treads.

Then I saw this:


And I thought- maybe having a hardwood bottom step would be nicer than the fuzzy carpet edges. But I wasnt sure if it would be good or not, but i priced it out. It's like $600 for a bottom walnut step. So now I'm wondering if its a good idea.

Then that sends me back to whether I should just get the treads and do it all. The treads are about 70 each plus labor and i have no idea what labor is.

Can someone help me? Here are some bad angles of the current stairs but you can sort of get the general idea.



We COULD put the money into it but not sure if the value is there to do it, esp. with everything else that is in play.


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