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? remove wood siding b4 replacing with vinyl

14 years ago

I plan on having my 1950 split level resided in the spring. I have pretty much decided on certaineed vinyl shakes, and I will be getting estimates from several companies that have done work for me previously. While they were doing their previous work they brought up replacing the siding, so I have had general discussions on what their plans would be. Two of the 3 companies all insist it is not necessary to remove the present clapboards, they would just side over them. The third company highly recommends removing the existing wood, putting on tyvek and then residing. Of course that would be more $, and I am not adverse to that if that is the best way to go. However I am confused as all 3 companies have done excellent work for me before, so why such different opinions? The appearance of the peeling paint on the house now appears to indicate a moisture problem? so I am concerned I could be covering up a problem with just putting the vinyl siding over everything. Has anyone done this and regretted not removing the old siding? Just trying to get some opinions based on real life experiences. And sorry this is so long! Thanks. Abbey

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