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going from full bath to 3/4 bath in guest bathroom?

16 years ago

i have 4BR 2 bath house. 3BR on 2nd floor, 1BR on 1st floor. 2nd floor bath is large "main" bath. 1st floor bath is small (5X8). i'm going to update everything in that small bath. i'm considering going from the tub to a shower-only with the intention of making the room seem larger. (tub takes up entire 5 foot back wall). Some people tell me going from 2 full bath to 1 3/4 bath will lessen the value of my home. does anyone have experience with buyers being turned off by 1 3/4 versus 2 full bath?

I repeat that the main bathroom is on the 2nd floor with 3 BRs and this would most of the time be considered a guest bath with the shower only. thanks!

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