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Need ideas on boat shed & re-purposing kitchen table

13 years ago

I've been reading here for quite a while, but especially lately. We have just purchased our first home! We are so excited!

There is a boat shed at the house (we don't have a boat), and I was thinking of using it as a picnic area since the patio is kind of small.

Also, I am getting a new dining set and won't need my small kitchen table and chairs anymore. I was thinking of using them under the boat shed. It is one of those small sets, metal with wooden top. The sides of it fold down to make it smaller. The chairs are covered with fabric. I was wondering about the possibility of using something to seal the wood tabletop to protect it from the weather, and possibly recovering the chairs with some kind of vinyl.

Would it be worth it to fool with it, or should I just get rid of it and buy a picnic table?!?!?!?!

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