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how to install crown moulding???

11 years ago

I've decided to tackle installing 4 5/8" wood crown moulding in a number of our rooms. My first plan is to cope the inside corners but I could use some advice.

I've heard it is best to nail up a backer board into which to nail the crown. Would this be a triangular board small enough to reside behind the crown? How best to make such a board? Rip diagonally a 2X2" board?

I will need to join two pieces in the middle of a run. How best to hide the joint?

How do I start? Do I put up one moulding from wall to wall, then fit the next piece to it by coping? How does the last piece go in? Both ends would need to be coped and I see problems with a tight fit if two need to work together.

Or is there a good online source that shows answers to my many questions?

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