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moving washer and dryer to a new space

16 years ago

We just bought a new house - ranch style with a full house basement. We love the house, but the laundry room is in an awkward space, between the foyer and the kitchen. I would like to move the washer and dryer to a closet near the bedrooms on the same floor. The closet is next to a bathroom - the side of the closet is next to a shower and sink. The closet does not have any exterior walls.

I am going to meet with a plumber, but I wanted to educate myself first. If anyone has info about the what considerations are necessary for installing a washer and dryer in a new space, I would appreciate it. I have been told that we have to consider drainage for the washer, vent pipe for the dryer, and electricity requirements that may have to be increased in that space.

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