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Master suite design advice please-layout and laundry

11 years ago

Hi-- hoping for some advice re our master suite design in southern California. This is a second floor addition over our kids' bedrooms. We are soon to be empty nesters. We are adding solar PV, rain capture, and are going to try grey water irrigation from the master bath to some front yard landscape.

During this remodel we have moved the main laundry to our garage which is at street level. So-- street level garage and laundry, then up a level to the main house, then up to the master suite. We are on a hillside. Upside--able to expand kitchen size in keeping with rest of house. Downside--it will be a schlep to our bedroom. We only need to do our laundry once or twice a week, so in the design phase we didn't think this would be a big deal. Keep us in shape I guess. ;)

Exterior is framed, and we are about to (next week!) put in the interior walls upstairs in our master suite. Our original plan (from an interior designer who consulted with us and our architect) was to enter through the dressing area. To the left the closet would be 7' high partition, so that from the bedroom you would see the ceiling continue on over in the dressing area; for light and spaciousness.

Today our contractor suggested a plan B, where we would enter straight to the bedroom, and then could continue on to a deck with mountain views. Our architect is on board with either plan.

Now we're thinking about putting in a stacking (or combo wash/dry) unit upstairs as well, in part so we could use the grey water but also for convenience and resale down the line (10 years?).

What I don't like about putting the laundry in is cost, depth required of the rest of the closets to make it line up, and hence lack of space in the dressing area. Plus it just adds more machinery to what will be a nice space that we could see using not only for dressing but exercising and/or meditation.

We have specific decisions to make--

1) put in a laundry upstairs now or keep the space for closets?

2) if we put laundry in, open up to the dressing room or bathroom?

3) enter into bedroom or dressing room?

Thoughts / comments appreciated.


Here are plans A and B:

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