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Please help - layout for small kitchen / upcounter design

11 years ago

Hi - so glad I finally figured out how to post images!

I am looking for thoughts on our layout in general, and our up counter design in particular. Small kitchen, small house, we are bumping out 2' to get to what you see here. Demo just started, so we need to nail down particulars soon!

I know the sink and range are the absolute miniumum distance apart.... we thought hard about moving the range to the penninsula but I didn't really like the hood in the middle of the opening, and also prefered a work space that faces DR. This is the detail that I have worried about the most. Right now we have a small corner between the sink and stove and that is it for prep area in our kitchen, except for about 3' on the other side of our sink. I am hoping that the countertops on either side of the sink/stove will be utilized and I won't feel bad that I can't work between the sink and stove like I do now. (It might make it easier for a second person to work in there?)

Main idea is to open between Kitchen and DR, but maintain some feeling of separation with framed opening and upcounter. We are also shifting the wall to take over 2' of the existing DR space.

We have a nice southern exposure on the wall opposite the penninsula, so are adding a window there. I plan to get a little IKEA folding table so I can bask in the sun there on winter days - couldn't figure out a more permanent solution since we are close to the door to the basement. Also hoping to build a wider window sill to put herbs on.

Any opinions on our up counter design? We are planning on a slight overhang (6-9") on the doorway side, so we can sit on two sides (yellow on the drawing). I am thinking of also extending the overhang on the kitchen side, so we can sit on three sides (pink). This would be over the silverware drawer, which is over the garbage pull out.

I know it will be tricky to reach the back of the drawer, but seems like that area would not be that important.

Also wondering if anyone has their dishwasher oriented to open behind your legs as you stand at the sink -- is 18" enough? We can increase this to 21" but that is about it (due to the door leading to the basement.)

Sorry for all the questions -- any thoughts are greatly appreciated!


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