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Moving out of New Jersey

16 years ago

Does anyone happen to know the rules for moving out of New Jersey to a different State (in this case PA)? I know that there is a tax, I just don't know how much it is or for how long it applies after you have sold the previous home.

Of course we paid our 1% realty transfer tax when we sold. Is there really an ADDITIONAL amount for leaving the state?

Does anyone know?

I also think that there is a 1% transfer tax both on the way in and out of a PA purchase/ sale.

In NJ you only pay realty tranfer tax when you sell.

Can anyone confirm?

Lastly does anyone know how much the Philadelphia town tax is? I know in PA you pay both property tax AND a tax to the town that you live.

Does this take the place of the state tax we pay in New Jersey or is it in addition to normal state tax?

If anyone has any ideas I would be grateful!


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