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Green soapstone -- blotchy or veined?

14 years ago

Wow do I love these forums! Now it's my turn to post a question. I've decided on soapstone countertops and really want that deep dark green color. A few questions for you soapstone folks --

1) Will the green color stay? Sometimes I hear that the green eventually disappears and you're left with charcoal grey/black.

2) I have my eye on a couple different slabs (both predominantly green... for now anyway). One has a lot of veining (the veins are lighter green to whitish). The other is more blotchy with BIG blotches and predominantly a mixture of greens and blacks, with lots of white blotches AND some really cool red/rust coloration here and there. I'm really tempted by the uniqueness of the red/rust, but worry that the big blotchiness of the whole slab won't be as attractive as the more veiny slab.

I've been scouring the web for images of soapstone countertops that have a similar bold-blotchiness, but have not found any images. Sometimes I'll find images of more blotchy soapstone, but the blotches are much more subtle and smaller in size than the slab I'm considering.

Anyone here have a green soapstone that's retained it's greenness (or lost it altogether)? And does anyone have a boldly blotchy soapstone counter top they'd be willing to post images of?

Much thanks in advance for your great help!

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