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Should my kitchen paint color be same as morning rm or family rm?

11 years ago

Hello there,

i am having trouble with making paint decisions... my house is an open floor design, with rooms flowing into one another. We're doing the living and dining SW quietude and the foyer/hallways SW believable buff...

The area I'm having trouble with is the family room-kitchen-morning room area-- think a big "L" shape, with the fam room and kitchen the vertical part of the L and the morning room the horizontal part... we're going with SW blonde in the family room (had it in our townhouse and loved it) and SW humble gold for the morning room (which is serving as the playroom for the kids until they're older and i can reclaim it, lol). my dilemma is, should the kitchen be the same color as the fam room (blonde), or the same as the morning room (humble gold), or should it be a whole new color-- something complimentary? if we do another color, i was thinking one step up on the color strip, so ivoire or jersey cream (dont know which one w/ that either!). is that too many colors for one area? you'll also be able to see the believeable buff that's in the hallways wherever u stand, so i guess that makes it 4 colors in the area (although neutral)! My other concern is that w/ all that humble gold color in the morning room, is that too much if we do it in the kitchen as well? Advice, thoughts please? THANKS!! :)

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