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Yardsale Bookcase - suggestions on wallpapering the back needed

13 years ago

I picked this bookcase up at a yardsale for $20. I didn't buy it with the intention of it going in our bedroom but it looks like it is made for the spot.

I plan on painting the exterior a deep navy to match the shutters that we use as a headboard. I have 2 rolls of vintage wallpaper. I love the color of the striped wallpaper but it has no "punch" to it. I love the pattern of the yellow paper but our house has almost no yellow and leans toward blues and seafoam green. Unfortunately, I can't combine the two of them! The walls are a light blue color.

Does anybody have suggestions on where I find a venetian style wallpaper that is white and blue? Or some other type of "bold" print? I'd really like to use wallpaper rather than fabric as I think wallpaper will be easier to remove in the future if I feel the need for a change. Is there any place that sells wallpaper remnants??

I've never wallpapered anything before. Should I use wallpaper paste or another type of glue?

Thanks for all your suggestions and recommendations!

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