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help choose kitchen look: left cabinet, bb or marble countertop?

10 years ago


Wow, I am finally at this stage of the kitchen renovation!

It has been a long long road.

So I am very left brain and seriously lacking in design-gene in terms of color/balance, etc.

I would really appreciate your help and feedback on my kitchen design dilemma.

- Do I want an upper cabinet on the LEFT of the windows (to kinda balance the hood cabinets on the RIGHT) or no Left cabinet so I get bigger windows?

- Not including the painted peninsula, do I want all stained cabinets or do a sink-area painted focal point (to break up all the stained cabinets)?

- Do stained cabinets look better with dark butcher block countertop, or marble countertop?

If go with BB countertop, then I won't do the marble backsplash, probably just a sheet of stainless backsplash for the cooktop area.

Don't think about function or layout please.

Yes, in all these designs: single bowl sink and faucet will be centered at window.

My kitchen floor will be grey slate in large tiles, like Tina's Enchanted Home:

My 2 inspiration kitchens:

- Forever Allison's gorgeous kitchen:

- Love this marble backsplash and blue/glaze island w/ bb countertop:

Please see pictures below to help choose which kitchen look you like and WHY, or how would you tweak it?

Really appreciate any and all feedback!

This geeky engineer needs help!

Thank you,


1st look = LEFT window cabinet and painted sink area and marble countertop/backsplash

2nd look:

- No LEFT window (= wider windows), dark butcherblock countertop, no marble backsplash, 42" sink cabinet is pulled out 4" (will have feet moldings)

3rd look:

- No LEFT cabinet = wider windows, marble countertop and marble backsplash, 42" sink cabinet is pulled out w/ feet moldings.

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