lotto - october 2012 - catching up

8 years ago

We had several posts on the General Lotto discussion thread about the October lotto, but I failed to set up a separate thread for it. September was crazy for me and October totally got away. It's over and I haven't even started!

These were my 3 blocks for October:

We had blocks sent in by Beth7happy, Lola99 and Quiltnhen.

There are a total of 8 adorable Santas here, but if anyone else sent blocks that I haven't recorded please let me know. I don't think I missed any, but since I haven't really been as attentive as I should be I want to be sure!

To be sure I've given everyone who may have participated a chance to respond, I'm going to hold off on the drawing until Friday, Nov 2.


(I apologize for the October delays! November and December are posted.)

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